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Zanesville Primrose Focus on Importance of Senior Activities

The Importance of senior activities cannot be underestimated. They are not just for entertainment, filling up the hours to prevent boredom or just a way to keep people busy. They are also for the healthy maintenance of the body, mind, and spirit which may get neglected from issues as we age. Keeping our minds active,… Read More »

Womens’ Celebration at Zanesville Primrose

Primrose of Zanesville recently held our Annual Women’s Celebration Luncheon on Wednesday, May 4th. The women residents gathered at 12 noon in our dining rooms for us to celebrate. When springtime arrives we think of tulips, daffodils, and the season’s bounty of fresh produce. With that in mind, the menu for this very special day… Read More »

Thank You from Residents at Zanesville Primrose

Zanesville, OH, Retirement Communities Thank you to the staff of Primrose Retirement Community of Zanesville, those of whom deserve praises for continually showing daily acts of kindness and professionalism. Keep up the good work….and thank you and our deep appreciation to each staff member. March 1, 2016 we begin our seventh year here at Primrose,… Read More »

Celebrating National Nutrition Month at Zanesville Primrose

What our residents eat affects their overall health and well-being.  Eating the right foods for the body and mind means more energy to do all the wonderful activities offered at Primrose. Our restaurant-style service means that residents can relax and enjoy their meals which contributes to better digestion. Primrose has a high standard for our… Read More »

Zanesville Primrose Resident Celebrates 99th Birthday

Resident Janice Arcuri celebrates 99th birthday Zanesville, OH, Retirement Communities Zanesville Primrose resident Janice Arcuri turned 99 years old on October 8, 2015 — a milestone birthday by anyone’s standards. Born in Crooksville, OH, on October 8, 1916 – Arcuri worked for the Maysville School District as the elementary school Librarian. In 1934, at the… Read More »